Our Goal

STEAM fields have consistently lacked diversity, which means that countless voices are not being heard and ideas are not being shared.  HireHer®'s mission is to change this.  Our goal is to deliver Diversity as a Service® to help organizations harness innovation through demonstrated commitment to inclusive diversity.

Meet HireHer® Founder & CEO: Ruth Chandler Cook

Ruth grew up in Washington D.C. and completed her graduate education at the esteemed Georgetown University.  Ruth launched HireHer® in 2016 and incorporated it in 2017 after a very successful career as a top executive for the United States Treasury.  In her own career, Ruth observed prejudice and bias, which opened her eyes to changes in the workplace that needed to be made.  She first learned of the inequality facing diverse employees in STEAM fields from her own sister, Lynne Chandler, NASA engineer, who pointed out the hardships that she faced daily as a woman of color in engineering.  Noticing an especially troubling lack of diversity in STEAM fields, Ruth discovered her own life mission - to break down the barriers facing intelligent and qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, focusing on the hiring and recruitment process.  After years of planning and research, HireHer® was created.  Now, Ruth and her talented team have created the truly unique HireHer® experience and cannot wait to share it with the world.

Ruth Chandler Cook


Tools to supercharge your hiring process.

Change the way you approach recruiting and tap into our pool of highly qualified diverse talent.

Connect to our STEM+ focused community and refer talent you find with friends and coworkers.

Become a sponsor or a brand ambassador for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We simplify recruitment, workforce inclusion and offer D&I training for organizations.

Diverse Talent

Connect & position yourself for the best opportunities.

We connect you to innovative industries faster.

Find and apply to companies that value diversity.

Position yourself in front of employers that need to fill critical roles in STEM+.

Find mentors and sponsors to help you move beyond mid-career to a decision making role in innovative industries.

Let's kick start your recruitment.